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Refund and Replacement Policies

Replacement - items not received in good condition

In case of perishable items, the request for replacement should be submitted within 24 hours of receipt of the items. In case of all other items, the request for return / exchange should be submitted within 48 hours of receipt of the items. There are no extra shipping charges for the delivery of replacement items.


Refund against non-delivery (delivery through courier)

For delivery of goods through courier, our logistics partners will attempt delivery of the items twice. Incase the delivery is not executed during all the two attempts, due to recipient not available/premises locked, etc., the customer shall still be charged for the order. In case the delivery is not executed at all, the customers can request for refund against the non-delivered items.

Refund against non-delivery (cakes and flowers)

For delivery of cakes and flowers the delivery of items will be attempted only once. Being perishable in nature, neither nor our enabling partner will be able to provide any refund against such items. However if for some reason the deliveries are missed or have not been attempted, the customers can request for a refund against the non-executed deliveries.

Refund against cancelled orders

For all the approved cancellations the order amount will be refunded in full .Customer have to inform within 24 hours after placement of order.


In case of multiple goods being ordered, if the delivery is not done for certain items, customers will be refunded against the non-delivered goods or services

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